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Owner / photographer

Anthony Nader is a food and cocktail photographer by trade, and avid journaler, reader and professional friend by leisure. Based in Miami, FL, his company 52Chefs is in its 8th year, diligently serving bars, restaurants and liquor brands locally and around the world since 2016. Part of his professional time has also been allotted to teaching F&B photography in-person locally, online through social media and the BH Photo Eventspace, and abroad.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Anthony Nader's career in photography began as a nightclub photographer at 14 years old. Digging into several facets of photography from then until now, including jewelry and little league sports, he admits to shooting food as having been the most gratifying and meaningful.

Having been a server at franchise restaurants in his late teens, he has a particular interest in supporting the photographically underserved hospitality community with quality images of the work that goes unnoticed and often overlooked. He feels it’s an unending journey to share food and drink stories with the world.

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